Goddess of Tears

by Keegon Schuett

About the Play

Drama. 100-120 minutes. 5-8 females, 2-3 males, 3+ any gender (10-15+ performers possible). Suitable for high school and older.

Goddess of Tears had a rolling premiere in fall 2020 at the following schools: Basha High School (AZ), Leavenworth High School (KS), Logan High School (OH) and Socorro High School (TX). It is available in a one-act version here.


Since nearly the beginning of time, Niobe has served as the Goddess of Tears in the digital Cloud of Olympus, approving or denying access to every single teardrop. But with mortal requests reaching staggering proportions and a memory pecking at her from behind her filter, it may be time for her to quit the program...if only the other gods would let her. Alone behind her desk and her malfunctioning filter, Niobe searches not only for the cause of her own locked-away cries, but also for a connection with someone that's stronger than the divine wi-fi. Will she finally find herself again after all these years and tears, or will she be punished and disconnected for all of eternity?
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