Goodbye Memories

by Anita Yellin Simons

About the Play

Drama. 90-100 minutes. 6 females, 2 males. Suitable for high school and older performers, and middle school and older audiences.


While the world knows of Anne Frank's time in hiding through her iconic diary, what do we know about Anne before those fateful months in the attic? Based on the biographies of the Franks and personal interviews with Anne's three surviving friends (Hannah Goslar, Hello Silberberg and Jacque VanMaarsen, Goodbye Memories begins on June 12, 1942, Anne's 13th birthday and the day she receives her diary, and ends on the morning of July 6, 1942, when the Franks go into hiding. In between is a universal story of parents and their children and the remarkable spirit of a teenage girl coming of age.

"The moment I read this beautiful piece I knew J*Company had to produce it. It's important for young people not only to learn the facts about this important historical character, but to be able to relate to the real young person within the historical figure. This girl suffered the same ups and downs while growing up that they are now experiencing. This play helps Anne Frank pop out of the black and white pictures in the history books and show herself as a live girl in vivid color. And, as always, J*Company reaches out to find works that not only help these children grow as artists but also as young men and women." - Joey Landwehr, Artistic Director of J*Company

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