Great Expectations: Eight Short Plays About Teens Under Pressure

by Nicole B. Adkins, Will Coleman, Anne G'Fellers-Mason, Laura King, Wendy-Marie Martin, Marshall N. Opie, Jeri Weiss and Ricky Young-Howze

About the Play

Performable Collection. 65-75 minutes (flexible). 4-18 females, 4-9 males (8-27 performers possible).

All of the plays in this collection may be performed or used in competition on their own (see individual listings), and any number of them may be used together in any order or combination.

Great Expectations premiered at Overland High School (Aurora, CO). It was conceived and developed through the Playwright's Lab at Hollins University.

Plays include I'm Totally Getting Sent to Bible Camp This Summer by Ricky Young-Howze; Room for Two by Jeri Weiss; Holding by Nicole B. Adkins; The Morgan Show by Laura King; Speech & Debate by Will Coleman; Sweet Dreams by Wendy-Marie Martin; The Summoning Sky by Marshall N. Opie; and The Dance We Do by Anne G'Fellers-Mason.

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Today's teens grow up under pressure. While often it comes from peers, it comes just as frequently from the parents and other adult figures in their lives. The teen characters in Great Expectations navigate these pressures as they sneak in and sleep out, and as they overcome divorce, siblings with long shadows, and loss—but also discover joy in the magic of fairies, dancing and their imaginations.