Honey's Smile

by Robin Rice

About the Play

Comedy. 35-45 minutes. 2 females, 1 male, 11+ any gender (10-14+ performers possible). Suitable for elementary school and older performers and all audiences.

Premiered at Playhouse Creatures Theatre Company (New York, NY).


Honey has lived all her life on the Caribbean island of Tortola. She loves her home: the plants, the beach, the creatures that live on the land and in the ocean. But Honey's mother plans to pick up and move to New York City—in the morning. Honey is distraught. Believing she won't be able to be herself living somewhere other than her beloved island, she searches for a way to hide from her mother. Her island friends—a wise pelican, a feminist hen, a know-it-all rooster, a trumpet vine and a school of minnows—do their best to help Honey figure out what to do. Can she become a minnow or hen or hide under the vine? Can she jump in a rowboat and float away? What will her friends do without her? And what will her mother do if she can't find Honey?

"Honey's Smile is a perfect show for youth actors. Casting can be incredibly flexible with all of the leaves and minnows. This gave every single one of our students a moment to shine. The play carries such a wonderful message of the importance of home and family." - Kenny Wade Marshall (NYC director)

"The students had so much fun doing Ms. Rice's show and learned the importance of teamwork and being an ensemble." - Teresa Dean (Nazareth Housing, NYC)

"Honey's Smile was just as entertaining for the parents as it was for the students." - PCTC Youth Theatre Parent

"Wow! How amazing! Funny and sweet. Troy is so happy. His self-esteem is through the roof!" - Jeanette Luis, parent with a son in the Little Creatures Act Out production

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