It's Elementary, Too! Twelve Short Plays for Lower Elementary School Actors

by Nicole B. Adkins, Nushin Arbabzadah, Sandra Fenichel Asher, Annie Harrison Elliott, Tommy Jamerson, Jeffery S. Jenkins, Laura King, Stacey Lane, Anne Negri and Lojo Simon

About the Play

Performable Collection of 12 plays. 7-20 minutes each. Casts range from 5-50+ performers, with over 100 roles in all. Suitable for elementary school or older performers, and audiences of all ages.

The plays may be performed in any order (and with any titles left out). To perform any play in this collection individually, please visit its dedicated page.

Plays include The Best Balloon by Annie Harrison Elliott; Why Rabbit's Nose Twitches and What A Day! by Sandra Fenichel Asher; Harley the Horse by Laura King; The Lesser of Two Weevils and Super Sleuth Sam and the Shiny Bag Monster by Nicole B. Adkins; The Jumping Giraffe of the Savannah by Jeffery S. Jenkins; Spinning by Nushin Arbabzadah; Plum Luck by Lojo Simon; Little Bunny Foo Foo by Stacey Lane; The Lion and Mamma Mouse by Tommy Jamerson; and A Portal to Fairy Tale Kingdom by Anne Negri.

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Our sequel to It's Elementary!, a collection of plays for upper elementary performers, It's Elementary, Too! offers up twelve short plays for lower elementary students! From courageous mice to messy-room monsters to a young girl navigating her first day of school in America, this performable collection allows for a wide range of needs, interests and abilities. With themes of empathy and teamwork woven throughout, this tapestry of zany comedies and heartfelt dramas is sure to delight, challenge and inspire young performers and audiences alike.