It's Elementary! Twelve Short Plays for Upper Elementary School Actors

by Nicole B. Adkins, Robin Blasberg, Rachel Bublitz, Matt Buchanan, Catherine Castellani, Meredith Dayna Cope-Levy, Annie Harrison Elliott, Claudia Haas, Arthur M. Jolly, Laura King, Anne Negri and Isabella Russell-Ides

About the Play

Performable Collection of 12 plays whose running times range from 7-15 minutes. Casts range from 2-30+ performers, with over 100 possible roles in all. Elementary school or older performers, and audiences of all ages.

The plays may be performed in any order (and with any titles left out). To perform any play in this collection individually, please visit its dedicated page.

Plays include No Talking Allowed! by Rachel Bublitz; The Lunch Labyrinth by Laura King; The Catnapper Mystery by Isabella Russell-Ides; The Silent Ones by Catherine Castellani; How Blue is My Crocodile by Arthur M. Jolly; Math Problems by Annie Harrison Elliott; Message to Grandma by Claudia Haas; The Case of the Missing Rooster by Anne Negri; Goggles by Nicole B. Adkins; Frankie Gets it Right by Matt Buchanan; Smart Kid by Meredith Dayna Levy; and Cake for the Queen by Robin Blasberg.

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Twelve short plays offer a varied and flexible collection of performance opportunities for upper elementary students. With fast-paced, large-cast comedies that range from clever to downright wacky, meaty dramatic challenges for more advanced actors or something in between, the plays of It's Elementary! are there to entertain while exploring age-appropriate concerns. Whether it's navigating an unfamiliar environment, coping with learning differences at school or taking on new responsibilities, this collection has something to offer every young actor.