La Mancha!

by Hayley May Ditcham

About the Play

Comedy. 70-80 minutes. 7 females, 8 males, 3-33+ any gender (18-50+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older performers, and elementary and older audiences. 

Premiered at Track Youth Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. 


When old Mr. Quixano's imagination runs away with him, bedlam befalls a quiet Spanish town. Accompanied by his loyal squire Sancho, who desires nothing more than three square meals a day and his own island, knight-errant Don Quixote has arrived to inflict "justice" on farmers and tourists, giants pretending to be windmills and even on very real and dangerous lions! But sometimes even a knight needs a knight in shining armor; when the townspeople finally crush Quixote's spirit in the name of calm, it's up to Dulcinea the Doughnut Lady to pick up the mantle and demonstrate her bravery and wisdom.

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