Little Bunny Foo Foo

by Stacey Lane

About the Play

Comedy for young audiences. 10-15 minutes. 8-14+ any gender. Suitable for elementary school and older performers, and elementary audiences.

Little Bunny Foo Foo premiered at Multi-Arts in Amherst, Massachusetts on July 8, 2016. It was directed by Catalina Arrubla.

Little Bunny Foo Foo is also available as part of It's Elementary, Too! Twelve Short Plays for Lower Elementary School Actors, a collection that may be produced in any order (and with any plays left out).


Terror in the fields! A bat-wielding bunny—the infamous and inaccurately named Little Bunny Foo Foo—is on the loose, delivering nonstop bops to every field mouse within reach. Enter slick city mouse Big Cheese, full of tall tales of past bravery. But when the would-be hero turns tail and runs, will the country mice be in for a miserable, bop-filled future? Or might the youngest, tiniest mouse among them be the one to outsmart the big, bad bunny and save the day?

"Once again, Stacey Lane delivers multiple delicious roles, a compact, compelling dramatic thrust and plentiful laughs for kids and adults. Little Bunny Foo Foo promotes the virtues of tolerance, empathy, courage and the willingness to change with gentle charm and humor. It's miraculously entertaining." - John Fardon, Creative Director, Tuesdays@9 Chicago.

"I have had the privilege to direct Little Bunny Foo Foo for my camps and classes at Actors' Theatre of Columbus for performance and as a scripted learning tool for advanced and beginning learners. Ms. Lane's script is a joy to dive into, and it is my experience that my students from K to Adult love her wit, dialogue and story." - Andy Falter, Education Director, Actors' Theatre of Columbus.

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