by Julia Edwards

About the Play

Dramedy. 75-90 minutes. 9-11 females, 4-6 males (15 performers total). Suitable for high school and older (or possibly a mixed high school/middle school group).

Commissioned and premiered by South Coast Repertory (Costa Mesa, CA).


It's just another day in the CliffsNotes Library (more books, less filling!) until a siren sounds, the doors automatically lock, and the not-so-studious students discover they are trapped. What's going on? Did the high-tech security system malfunction again? Or are they the subjects of a sinister state-sanctioned experiment? Then someone hears a gunshot (he thinks), a freaked out substitute teacher is found barricaded in the bathroom, and Crazy Lily has a diabetic seizure. In a claustrophobic pressure-cooker of fear, paranoia, and social strife, this motley crew of hackers, delinquents, surfer dudes, and prom queens must rise above the chaos to save a life and discover the meaning of tolerance along the way.

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