Merry Men

by Kemuel DeMoville

About the Play

Comedy. 65-75 minutes. 6 females, 3 males, 4+ any gender (13+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older performers, and upper elementary and older audiences.

Winner of the Milken Playwriting Competition.


When Maid Marian learns that she has to marry the objectionably evil and incompetent Sheriff of Nottingham, she and her ladies-in-waiting hatch a scheme to hold him at bay: Invent a band of outlaws running amok to keep the Sheriff busy. But what starts as a game of pretend soon blows up into the Sheriff hatching increasingly crazy schemes to catch the bandits, and Marian leading a double life as their leader: Robin Hood. That's right—it's the Robin Hood story as you've never seen it before, with mistaken identities, bumbling henchmen, wild and wacky sword fights and more than a little cross-dressing.
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