Now You See Me

by Jonathan Dorf

About the Play

Dramedy. 3+ males, 5+ females (8-22+ performers possible, with considerable gender flexibility). 30-35 minutes. Suitable for middle school and older.

Commissioned and developed by the Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Arts Conservatory (Wallingford, CT), and premiered by Oak Park High School (Kansas City, MO). A few comments from the student performers:

"This play has made me think."

"The first night we ran the whole play . . . I cried."

"Being involved in the play opened my eyes . . . This play was real to life as it could come. . . Rewarding, intellectual, challenging, helpful."

"Thank you for this inspiration."

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What do you do when you slip through every crack? In this expressionist dramedy, a teen (played by male and female actors who alternate throughout the play until they unite at the end) does just that. Invisible to schoolmates and ignored by teachers, even a trip to the guidance counselor doesn't help. The parents are no help: they can't remember if their child is a boy or a girl. That leaves the wrong crowd, but when even the wrong crowd doesn't want you to be part of it, what's left but to get their attention...?