Pieces of Mind: Ten Plays about Mental Health for Teens

by Lindz Amer, José Casas, Eric Coble, Jonathan Dorf, Ramón Esquivel, Idris Goodwin, Eislinn Gracen, Ralph Gregory Krumins, Melissa Leilani Larson and Lojo Simon

About the Play

Performable Collection of 10 plays. 105-150 minutes (plays are 10-15 minutes each, with the exception of Millions of Boxes, which runs 15-20 minutes). 4+ females, 2+ males, 4+ any (10-50+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older. 

The plays may be performed in any order (and with any titles left out). To perform any play in this collection individually, please visit its dedicated page.

Plays include AP Despondency by Eislinn Gracen; El Perdido (The Lost One) by José Casas; The Girl Who Talks to Spiders by Ramón Esquivel; Go! Fight! Win! by Lojo Simon; Let Them Play by Lindz Amer; Millions of Boxes by Ralph Gregory Krumins; The Naming of Things by Eric Coble; Phone Less by Jonathan Dorf; Secrets by Melissa Leilani Larson; and The Strong Friend by Idris Goodwin.

A free downloadable curriculum to support your study of the plays in Pieces of Mind is available through Mind Matters, a joint project of the University of Central Florida and Orlando Family Stage, by clicking here.

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It's not like being a teenager was ever easy—or easy to talk about—but there's no arguing that the last few years have been more challenging than ever. Pieces of Mind, a collection of ten plays on mental-health themes commissioned by Orlando Family Stage and the University of Central Florida, cracks open the window to a world of depressed superheroes, runaway phones, oh so many spiders and (a whole lot) more—in the hope of letting a little light in.