Pride and Prejudice Abridged

by Laura Pittenger

About the Play

Comedy. 10-15 minutes. 5-7+ females, 5-7+ males (10-12+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older.


Witty and carefree Elizabeth Bennet despises the haughty Mr. Darcy—a wealthy, proud newcomer to her small English village. Her sister Jane Bennet, so shy she becomes mute around men, falls for Darcy's best friend, the wildly outgoing Mr. Bingley. Will the Bennet sisters' scheming mother be spurned in her efforts to ensnare rich husbands for her daughters? Who will Elizabeth fall for: her weaselly preacher cousin, the smooth and seductive Mr. Wickham, or maybe even her worst enemy—Mr. Darcy? We don't have all day to find out! Bonnets fly and cravats are loosened in this farcical adaptation of Jane Austen's classic.

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