ShakeSPLOSION!!! (60-Minute Version)

by Andrew Geha

About the Play

Comedy. 60 minutes. 9-21+ females, 4-14+ males (14-100+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older.

ShakeSPLOSION!!! was first produced by Friends Academy (Locust Valley, NY).

ShakeSPLOSION!!! (60-Minute Version) is a one-act adaptation. For the original, full-length version, click here. Also available as a 40-Minute Version.


ShakeSPLOSION!!! is a madcap sprint through every play written by the Bard. From 235 years of English kings in the History Plays, to (nearly) every bloody death in the Tragedies, to every girl who dressed up as a boy in the Comedies, it's like watching Shakespeare's entire canon fired out of a cannon—scattering prose, verse and characters across the stage. Sword fights! Word fights! Witches, ghosts and murder! All in 60 minutes!! Performed by teenagers!!!

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