Silver, from the Wind

by Evan Guilford-Blake

About the Play

Comedy. 38-45 minutes. 2-12+ females, 3-12+ males (5-24 performers possible). Suitable for high school and older performers, elementary and older audiences.


Silver, from the Wind is a story of wishes. Set at Christmas (but not a traditional Christmas play), it's about a snowflake's wish to remain a snowflake forever, and the boy whose wish helps her wish come true. A very special snowflake seeks help from the North Wind, and during three comic encounters: with another snowflake—newly crystallized and freshly fallen; B. H. Holmes, a bloodhound with a penchant for investigating any and everything he can get his nose near; and Snowy Owl, a prim and somewhat self-important bird whoooo knows...everything. How, she asks each, can she remain a snowflake forever? None, however, is able to give her an answer—until, on Christmas morning, she and the boy both discover: With the help of the North Wind, there is a way.

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