Tales of the Windship

by Fengar Gael

About the Play

Young Audiences. 75-80 minutes, though it is also possible to perform any of the scenes as stand-alone tales (please contact YouthPLAYS for royalty rates). 3-25+ females, 3-25+ males (6-55 performers possible). Suitable for all ages.


A lost and nameless girl called Nobody steps aboard an ancient Windship seeking a home somewhere in the wide world of fairy tales. She begins her journey soaring over clouds towards England to become the mother of Lazy Jack but soon realizes she's much too young to be Jack's mother. So it's off to a kingdom in Germany where Nobody spins straw into gold for an imp named Rumplestiltskin, then marries the king. Alas, Nobody is certain she's not a queen but she might be someone's sister, so she sets sail for China to join The Four Foo Sisters where she acquires a neck made of iron which nearly loses. Soon Nobody decides it's more likely she has a brother, so she sails for France to meet The Yellow Dwarf who is much too greedy to be an ideal relation, and she flees once again. From France the Windship drifts to Mexico where Nobody serves as the humble servant, Esperanza, and when that doesn't suit her, Nobody escapes to Russia to become the romantic, dog-loving daughter of a nobleman. But while all these characters and countries fail to bestow her true identity, maybe she's learned who she is after all...

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