The Baseball King

by Amelia Ross

About the Play

Comedy. 80-100 minutes. 2-25 females, 4-25 males (17-50 performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older.

Originally developed through a joint venture between the MFA Playwriting and MFA Children's Literature programs at Hollins University.


Imagine the ancient Bible stories of David and Goliath, King Saul, and Jonathan. Now imagine them style. Meet David Shepherd, Professional Slugger and jack-of-all-trades; Phil Steen, a muscle-bound pitcher for The Giants; Coach King, the inadequate coach of The Losers with a 25-year losing streak; and Jonathan, a young ball player who is caught between pleasing his father and his new best friend, David. High action and mounting mayhem fill the stage as David and Coach King battle for Jonathan's affection, the crowd's allegiance, and ultimately, for the position of coach. Everyone is asking, "Who is the real Baseball King?" But behind all this, another question lurks... Will the greatest misnomer in all of baseball occur? Will The Losers become The Winners?

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