The Beggar Prince

by Brenna McBride

About the Play

Comedy. 45-55 minutes. 5-12+ females, 2-8+ males (7-20+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older performers and elementary and older audiences.

1st Place, Jackie White Memorial Playwriting Contest, Columbia Entertainment Company (Columbia, MO), and 3rd Place, East Valley Children's Theatre Playwriting Contest (Mesa, AZ). Workshopped by Brick Door Productions (Philadelphia, PA).


When nasty, stuck-up Prince Edmund rudely rejects all of his potential brides-to-be, his frustrated mother Queen Germaine vows to marry him to the next beggar she sees! It's not long before a most unusual "beggar" named Lil arrives on the scene and turns Edmund from a prince to a pauper in a matter of minutes. Unbeknownst to both the beggar prince and his new bride, they are about to embark on a remarkable journey and learn some hard-won lessons about kindness, compassion, and second chances.

"The Beggar Prince is a delightful story that feels at home with the classic fables and tales, but witty dialogue and a youthful energy keep it fresh and new. An audience will quickly fall in love with each distinctly charming character. Its relevant message resonates with people of all ages and actors and audience alike will leave with smiling faces and a fresh perspective." - Corey Burlingame, Co-Founder/Managing Director, Brick Door Productions, Inc.

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