The Coloring Book

by Bradley Walton

About the Play

Dramedy. 55-65 minutes. 8-14+ any gender. Suitable for middle school and older performers and all audiences.

Also available in a 30-40 minute version.

The Coloring Book premiered at Harrisonburg High School (Harrisonburg, VA).


Animals in a coloring book are thrilled when a little boy begins to embellish them with crazy colors and off-the-wall flourishes. But when the boy's older sister begins coloring other pages in more lifelike hues, social divisions begin to form and friendships are challenged. Will existence as they know it break down? The exuberance and wonder of a picture book meet Animal Farm in this play that offers thoughtful entertainment for performers and audiences of all ages.

"I was totally blown away by your show. The script was so multifaceted and could be understood on many levels--younger children would laugh at the pig, students would recognize the themes from Olweus [an anti-bullying program], and adults could understand the historical references. It brought me to tears." - Virginia Healy, middle school teacher

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