The Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Now New and Improved!

by Hillary DePiano

About the Play

Comedy. 15-20 minutes. 3-12+ any gender. Suitable for middle school and older.

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Now New and Improved! is part of Lit on Fire, a performable collection of twelve short parodies of reading list classics.


Jane Austen is enjoying the hereafter just fine until her agent, Henry, insists she's got to update her novels to suit current tastes. In a fast-paced presentation, from soap opera to sitcom, paranormal romance to reality TV and more, Henry proposes new and improved versions of Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Emma, Mansfield Park, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey to replace the originals. Will Jane agree to overwrite her classics with Henry's increasingly ridiculous proposals, or will she find another way to keep her legacy trending?

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