The Day the Music Came Back

by Alvaro Saar Rios

About the Play

Drama. 9-13 minutes. 5 any gender. Suitable for high school (or advanced middle school) and older.

The Day the Music Came Back is also available as part of All of Us: A Celebration of BIPOC Voices, a collection that may be produced in any order (and with any plays left out).


Imagine a society where music has been banned for over 100 years—where a single melody could incur a visit from the Silencers. Despite the risks, a group of teens has been gathering in secret to share ancient stories about music. But when one of them unearths an illegal music device, could this meeting be their last?

"Our students and audiences were immediately hooked on the world of The Day the Music Came Back! This play provides timely themes that spark dialogue about social justice, amazing roles for young actors, and gender-flexible ensemble casting. After commissioning the 10-minute script, we were honored to work with Alvaro Saar Rios to produce this play as a full-length!" - Georgette Kelly, Director of Arts, Beacon Academy (Evanston, IL)

"The Day the Music Came Back was not only a hit with audiences, but an empowering and meaningful experience for our students to produce. The characters are determined and loving—and the connections they make inspire us all to hold each other dear. The story evokes imagination, while asking: how far would you go to stand up for what you believe in? Alvaro is a sheer delight as a collaborator; I highly recommend this piece!" - Emmi Hilger, Beacon Academy (Evanston, IL)

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