The Jungle Book

by Callan Stout

About the Play

Adventure. 70-75 minutes. 2-8 females, 6-22 males, 2-8 (7-24 performers possible). Suitable for all ages. 

Premiered at Youth Education and Entertainment Series (Santa Monica, CA).


In this adaptation of Kipling's famous stories, the beat of a drum and the cry of a wolf give way to the sounds of the ferocious tiger Shere Khan, hunting his latest prey. But as the wolf pack gathers, they discover that he is hunting a human child, and they quickly rescue the infant Mowgli from the tiger's teeth. Mother and Father Wolf adopt the small man-cub, and with the protection of Bagheera, the panther, and the teachings of Baloo the bear, Mowgli lives peacefully with the wolves. But as he outwits a band of jesting monkeys, escapes from a hypnotic python and learns the Laws of the Jungle, he will not be able to escape his inevitable showdown with Shere Khan.

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