The Snow Queen

by Ruth Cantrell

About the Play

Young Audiences. 60-65 minutes. 6-9 females, 5-6 males, 8 any gender (12-23 performers possible). Suitable for all ages.   

First produced by The American Southwest Theatre Company.


The cold-hearted Snow Queen kidnaps children in search of her lost son. When she abducts Kai, his younger sister Gerda vows to bring him home. Traveling north, Gerda encounters those who guide her—Conjure Woman and Aurora Borealis—and those who accompany her—Cawtrina Crow, Prince Erik and Randolph, a reindeer. The Snow Queen sends her henchmen, Frostbite, Blue Norther and the Snow Drifts, to stop the young girl. But when Gerda reaches the Snow Queen's palace and finds Kai cold-hearted, can her love and devotion warm his heart, and together can they find a way to transform the cold Snow Queen into the loving mother she once was?

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