by Jonathan Dorf

About the Play

Dramedy. 20-25 minutes. 3 males. Unit set.

can stand alone or play with Play's End and You're Next as part of the Gunplay trilogy, chronicling a day in the life of the Doe Family and their relationship with guns.


The gun is missing from the pot on the right rear burner at the Doe house, replaced by an egg. John Doe accuses his teenage son, Jay, of taking it, which Jay denies. John tries to get his younger son, Johnny, to tell him if Jay has taken the gun, and eventually the truth, that Jay took the gun and threw it in the garbage, comes out. John retrieves the gun and tries to force Jay to return it to its rightful place.

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Digital Perusal Script $7.25 $0.00
Performance Royalties $40.00 $0.00
Production Copy License $30.00 $0.00
Classroom Copy License $85.00 $0.00
Bronze Package $50.00 $0.00
Silver Package $70.00 $0.00
Gold Package $90.00 $0.00
Platinum Package $120.00 $0.00
Diamond Package $160.00 $0.00
Fundraising Add-On $50.00 $0.00

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