Vignette-Style Script Bundle

by Nicole B. Adkins, Maryann Carolan, Jonathan Dorf, Kelly DuMar, Jeff Goode, Adam Hahn, Samantha Macher, John P. McEneny, Jessica McGettrick, Liz Shannon Miller, Dominic Mishler, John Newman, Dean O'Carroll, Brandi Owensby, Tyler J. Rinne, Mike Rothschild, John Rotondo, Dave Ulrich, Randy Wyatt and Don Zolidis

About the Play

A bundle of thirteen scripts: The Adventures of Rocky & Skye by Kelly DuMar; Aesop Refabled by Nicole B. Adkins, Jeff Goode, Dave Ulrich, Adam Hahn, Liz Shannon Miller, Mike Rothschild, Dominic Mishler and Samantha Macher; Dear Chuck (one-act) by Jonathan Dorf; Disruption by Randy Wyatt; Forest Paths by Tyler J. Rinne; Greek Gods Under Quarantine by Dean O'Carroll; Know Your Role by Brandi Owensby; Love Awkwardly (one-act) by Maryann Carolan and John Rotondo; Me, My Selfie & I by Jonathan Dorf; screens by Jessica McGettrick; Two Houses by John P. McEneny; The Superhero Ultraferno (full-length) by Don Zolidis and Whirligig (full-length) by John Newman.

Performance and streaming rights, cast copies and digital editions for any individual play should be purchased through that play's page.

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Thirteen plays written in the popular vignette (aka episodic) style, often with very flexible casting, great for classwork and performance alike.