What's Past is Prologue

by David J. LeMaster

About the Play

Comedy. 50-60 minutes. 2-6 females, 3-8 males (6-10+ performers possible). Suitable for high school and older.

Premiered at San Jacinto College Central (Pasadena, Texas), for the American College Theater Festival.


The long-rumored secret identity of Shakespeare is finally revealed! This literary comedy mixes Vaudeville and Absurdism with farce and a bit of Shakespearean poetry thrown in for good measure. Christopher Marlowe, a dreadful poet who cannot master iambic pentameter, is sent by Queen Elizabeth to Tommy Kyd's tavern, where he must drink the apothecary's potion. He is transformed, a la Jekyll and Hyde, into his alter-ego, William Shakespeare, whose poetic gift turns him into the apple of the fairer sex's eye wherever he goes.

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