You Go, Goddess!

by Tommy Jamerson

About the Play

Comedy. 90-100 minutes. 10-20+ females, 3-10+ males, 3-10+ any (16-40+ performers possible). Suitable for high school and older performers, and elementary and older audiences.

You Go, Goddess! was originally produced by Alpha Psi Omega and the Southeastern Louisiana University Theatre Department at Cassidy Park (Bogalusa, LA).


When a vengeful sorceress places a curse on Hercules and threatens to plunge humanity into eternal darkness, the only thing standing in her way is Calliope, the demigod's least-likely-to-be-a-hero daughter. Armed with a magical sword, an ancient map and a wisecracking sidekick—Narcissus—Calliope must summon her courage, race against time and battle an island's worth of ferocious monsters if she wants to rescue her father and save the world in this sassy girl power comedy of Olympian proportions!

"You Go, Goddess! is a hilarious and heartwarming play for young people! It has an array of fun characters (perfect for large groups of students) and its Greek Mythology narratives make it perfect for any school production. You and your students will not be disappointed!" - Arielle Sosland, Drama Teacher, New York City Department of Education.

"What a great play and a fantastic experience for university actors! Fun characters, lots of heart, and a brand new female hero that I was happy for our community children to get to know." - Jeff Polito, Director, You Go, Goddess! at Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA.

"I enjoyed being able to truly embrace the quirky nature of this show. It was so great to work on a show that focused on girl power and be able to bring that to little girls. The kids of course loved Hercules but were cheering on Calliope by the end." - Katy Truluck Baronich, Stage Manager, You Go, Goddess! at Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA.

"You Go, Goddess! is a timeless girl power tale full of laughs, heart, and triumph. Skillfully drawn from Greek Mythology, Goddess creates a world and relatable story full of modern colorful characters which any actor would love to play and with whom audiences can't help but identify." - Nicholas J Clarey, interACT Theatre Productions, South Orange, NJ.

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