Cathy and Kitty

from Front Porch Steps by Bob Pritchard

Genre: Drama
Cast Breakdown: 2 females

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In 1960s Baltimore, Cathy, 17, is thinking of spending the night with her boyfriend. Her best friend Kitty is trying to talk her out of it.

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CATHY: (To Mom inside as she comes onto porch:) I'm going to Kitty's house, Mom. Might spend the night. I'll call you.

KITTY: News to me.

CATHY: (Screaming:) Ahh—Jesus, Kitty. You scared me half to death.

KITTY: Haha—so when were you going to tell me?

CATHY: Come here. (Dragging her away from house:) Look, Eddie asked me to come to his show tonight.

KITTY: That's great...but what do you need the bag... (Understanding:) Oh my GOD!! You are NOT spending the night with him.

CATHY: Quiet down! I don't know; I might. I want to.

KITTY: Wrong answer!! You are not sleeping with that creep.

CATHY: He is not a creep. I love him.

KITTY: Doesn't make him NOT a creep... I just question your common sense.

CATHY: We're gonna get married.

KITTY: Fine. And I'll be your bridesmaid and cry the whole time...but you're not married yet.

CATHY: You don't know.

KITTY: Oh yes I do. (Pause.) Remember last summer? The big family vacation disaster to Ocean City? We were there for two long weeks.

CATHY: Yea. You said your brother got in trouble or something.

KITTY: (Shy:) He didn't get in was me.

CATHY: You? And you never told me? Your best friend?

KITTY: I never told anyone. Plus my mom and dad made me promise...the scandal. My mom would flip.

CATHY: So...

KITTY: (Pause, then in low voice:) Look...I really can't tell you everything...but I...God I can't believe I did this...I went to a motel with an older man.

CATHY: (Shocked:) No...

KITTY: He was this really cute waiter we had at this crab place Dad took us on the boardwalk. He was about thirty; tall, funny—God, even Mom liked him!! Anyway the second time we came in he started to chat me up, you know. "My you look very pretty tonight. Is that a new dress? Got a hot date tonight?" He'd whisper all this stuff when he would bring bread or drinks. So Mom couldn't hear, you know. Then, he kind of surprised me when I came out of the bathroom. "Here's my number. I get off at 10." I was in shock, and a little turned on. I didn't tell anybody—and about 10:30 I sneaked out and called him.

CATHY: And you met him?

KITTY: No, not that night. We just talked. He was so different, you Not like those boys at school; a man. We planned to meet the next afternoon. Dad had planned a day at the amusement park and I told them I was sick. I met him at his restaurant and we drove to a motel. It was happening a little fast and I was scared and excited, and I knew I should stop...but I didn't. We went in and started to kiss, when there was a loud knock on the door...and a shouting. It was his girlfriend. I hid in the bathroom, and they started arguing and fighting and breaking things...and soon the cops came.

CATHY: Oh no, Kitty.

KITTY: Yea, imagine THAT phone call. Hi Mom? I'm at the Ocean City police department. Can you come get me?

CATHY: I'm surprised you weren't grounded for life.

KITTY: Pretty much. Thank God there were no charges or anything...I thought Dad was gonna kill him. Anyway, we came home early and we promised we wouldn't talk about reputation and all.

CATHY: I'm sorry.

KITTY: You know, my dad's usually a jerk, but he was right that day...I could've ruined everything. What boy would want me after that? And what if I got pregnant?

(A horn sounds.)

CATHY: I gotta go.

KITTY: Don't do this, Cath...please.