Chopper and Hank

from The Ghosts of Pineville by Jeremy Kisling and Sara Turner

Genre: Horror
Cast Breakdown: 2 males

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Chopper Sweeney and his best friend Hank Goode, both 12, are in Chopper's bedroom discussing their paper route when they are prompted to conduct an otherworldly investigation. 

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(The next morning. Hank enters Chopper's room. Chopper is in his bed asleep and has no intention of moving. Hank has his newspaper route bag over his shoulder.)

HANK: Come on, Chopper! Time to get a move on. We've got to go and deliver these papers.

CHOPPER: Go away!

HANK: You said you'd go with me. Come on. Afterwards, I can show you these great new comics I got.

CHOPPER: It's Saturday. You do the route. I'm asleep.

HANK: Come on, I don't want to go alone. Roger's story still has me a bit freaked.

CHOPPER: Why do you let your brother scare you? He's just a big bully. (Getting up:) Besides, ghosts don't exist.

(Chopper stands up and crosses to his jeans thrown over the chair. He stiffens and lets out a scream when he finds Simon staring back at him in the mirror.)

HANK: What!! What happened?

CHOPPER: Did you see that?

HANK: See what?

CHOPPER: I thought I the mirror...

HANK: What?

CHOPPER: A face. I mean...not my face...someone else's...

HANK: I think my brother's story may have gotten to you too...

(Hank crosses to the mirror and both he and Chopper look inside. Nothing for a second, and then Simon appears. We hear a voice say "Help me," although Simon's mouth has not moved.)


(The two fall backward and out of nowhere a grey folder appears on Chopper's bed. Simon's plea is repeated: "Help me." Then he disappears.)

HANK: Did you see— Was that— What was that—

CHOPPER: (Seeing the folder:) What's that?

(Opens the folder and searches through it.)

It's a missing person's case. It's my dad's. This is Simon Stillwater's file. My dad investigated his disappearance, but never solved the case.

(Looks at mirror.)

Do you think that was Simon Stillwater in the mirror?

HANK: What? Simon Stillwater's ghost was in your room?!

CHOPPER: I think so, and he left my dad's file. I think he wants us to investigate his disappearance.

HANK: Are you crazy? You know the legends about Emily Van Wart. You know what they say about the Stillwater estate.

CHOPPER: Don't you see, the estate is where the clues will be. And if we can help solve Simon Stillwater's disappearance, we could close my dad's case!

HANK: But remember Roger's story: Emily collects boys. Boys our age.

CHOPPER: Stop being a wimp!

HANK: May I suggest, if we do, we take a girl as backup?

CHOPPER: A girl for backup?! Why?

HANK: Emily snatches boys, remember... Maybe Doris.

CHOPPER: Doris? No. She's always busy, now that she volunteers at the library. Besides, she'd never let us investigate if she knew.

HANK: What about Glory then? She's our age, tough and she's not afraid of anything.

CHOPPER: Gory Roberts?

HANK: Glory Roberts. You know they call her Gory because she like zombies and stuff. She's a tomboy, so it won't be like going with a real girl. We'll ask her after we finish the route. Now come on.

(Chopper and Hank exit.)