Kiss and Tell

from The Adventures of Rocky & Skye by Kelly DuMar

Genre: Dramedy
Cast Breakdown: 1 female, 1 male

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Tween Ratani is determined to verify the rumor that fellow tween Skye kissed a boy at the parade.

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(Two females, 9-12: Skye is on stage as Ratani, who secretly has a crush on Grant, approaches.)

RATANI: Grant's mad about the rumor going around you know.

SKYE: What rumor?

RATANI: Rocky said you kissed him.

SKYE: When?

RATANI: At the baseball parade.

SKYE: You shouldn't believe everything you hear.

RATANI: Grant says if you did he's breaking up with you.

SKYE: Rocky's just trying to make him jealous!

RATANI: So, you didn't kiss him?

SKYE: Why would I kiss Rocky?

RATANI: He's so cute! I'd kiss Rocky if he asked me.

SKYE: He wouldn't. You're not his type.

RATANI: Yeah, I'm more Grant's type.

SKYE: Too bad he's already taken.

RATANI: Yeah, too bad. Unless you kissed Rocky—

SKYE: If anybody kissed Rocky at the parade it wasn't me.

RATANI: Actually, it was me.

SKYE: What? Where?

RATANI: Behind the dugout.

SKYE: I mean cheek or lips?


SKYE: You're making that up!

RATANI: Why would I?

SKYE: I can't believe he kissed you too!

RATANI: So you did kiss Rocky at the parade!

SKYE: Not during—after. And I wouldn't have if I knew he kissed you!

RATANI: He actually didn't.

SKYE: Then why'd you say he did?

RATANI: I promised Grant I'd get the truth. See ya!