Lizzy and Eddie

from Slow by Keegon Schuett

Genre: Dramedy
Cast Breakdown: 1 female, 1 male

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High school junior Eddie is new to sophomore Lizzy's bus stop. They've been slowly inching towards some sort of relationship.

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LIZZY: So, no girlfriend then.  Not even a long-distance Pennsylvania one

EDDIE: Nope.  No one's hooked me yet.  Do you have a boyfriend?

LIZZY: I had the fifth grade.  He passed me notes, gave me candy...stuff like that.  We even held hands on the playground.

EDDIE: Didn't work out though, huh.

LIZZY: Fifth grade relationships never work out.  The holding hands was nice though.

(He grabs her hand.)

What're you doing?

EDDIE: Holding your hand.  Something the matter?

LIZZY: No.  I—  (Beat.) It's're holding my hand.

EDDIE: Yeah, I am.  Just like your fifth grade boyfriend.

LIZZY: Dennis.  He was an okay boyfriend. 

EDDIE: Have you had any others?

LIZZY: A few.  They all like-liked me and I really like-liked them, but when it all comes down to it...just never really lasts too long.  Have you had girlfriends?

EDDIE: Yeah.  I've even been on a few dates before.

LIZZY: Is there a lot of hand holding on these dates?

EDDIE: Sometimes.  Depends.

LIZZY: Depends on what?

EDDIE: If I like the girl enough to want to hold her hand.

(Silence.  She looks down at her hand.  Then down the street.)

LIZZY: Has it been 15 minutes yet?

EDDIE: I like this, you know.

LIZZY: Waiting for the bus?

EDDIE: No.  Holding your hand.


EDDIE: Do I make you uncomfortable?

LIZZY: No.  You don't.  It's just—

EDDIE: You've got some other guy.

LIZZY: It's not that.  I swear.  Girl Scout's honor.

EDDIE: So what then?

LIZZY: Well, we've just met.  Like yesterday.

EDDIE: So you don't want to hold my hand because we just met.

LIZZY: It's not that I don't want to hold your hand. 

EDDIE: Okay?

LIZZY: I'd really like to hold your hand.  Both of them.  Not at the same time, but—  (Beat.) I don't know if I want to jump into this head first.  My mom always tells me about how she met my dad.  She wishes she had gotten to know him better.  Wishes she never married him.  Wishes she took her time.  They're divorced now...and she's alone.

EDDIE: She's got you.

LIZZY: That's not the same.  I'm her daughter.

EDDIE: She's definitely not alone if she has you.  Whether it's the same or not.

LIZZY: She is alone.  And Mrs. Tottle, she's alone too.  Relationships always seem to end one of two ways.

EDDIE: What two ways?

LIZZY: Death or Divorce.

EDDIE: So you don't want to hold my hand because I might die or divorce you someday?  Lizzy—

LIZZY: Okay, maybe I'm stupid to feel that way.  I do like you.  And I do want to hold your hand, okay?

EDDIE: Do you really like me?

LIZZY: Yeah, I do.

EDDIE: Do you like-like me?

LIZZY: I do.  Do you like-like me?

EDDIE: I do.  Do you promise to like-like me until death—

LIZZY: Or divorce—

EDDIE: Or divorce do we part?

LIZZY: Sure, I guess.

EDDIE: Same here.  You know what that means, right?

LIZZY: Are we boyfriend-girlfriend now?

EDDIE: Bingo.