Miranda and Chuck

from The Locker Next 2 Mine (full-length version) by Jonathan Dorf

Genre: Drama
Cast Breakdown: 1 female, 1 male

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Miranda, high school mean girl, has cornered Chuck, a teen who tries to fit in with the popular kids but isn't quite one of them.

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CHUCK: I bought the all-black like you wanted. I don't have any more—

MIRANDA: You're not in trouble.

(Chuck lets out a sigh of relief.)

You like Marne, don't you?

CHUCK: Uh...no. Not, uh...like. You mean like like or—

MIRANDA: Don't lie.


MIRANDA: Awww...that's so sweet.

CHUCK: If you're just gonna make fun of—

MIRANDA: Who's making fun of you? I just said it's sweet.

CHUCK: I guess.

MIRANDA: Did I or did I not just say it was sweet?

CHUCK: (Beat.) You've never talked to me before.

MIRANDA: That's not true.

CHUCK: You talk to me when you want something.

MIRANDA: Better than not talking to you at all.

CHUCK: So what do you want?

MIRANDA: Chuckie. Chuckie Chuck Chuck. Chuckety Chuckety. I like that. Chuckety Chuckety.

CHUCK: Great.

MIRANDA: So you like Marne, huh?

CHUCK: You asked me that already.

MIRANDA: Just making sure.

(Chuck nods. Long pause.)

You seem really nervous. Do I make you nervous?

CHUCK: If I'm about to get totally hosed, can we just get it over with?

MIRANDA: It must suck to hang out with a hottie like Dalton. Watch all those girls checking him out and know that they're not looking at you at all.

CHUCK: I bought what you wanted.

MIRANDA: Why does he hang out with you?

CHUCK: I did what you said.

MIRANDA: I just asked a question.

CHUCK: Our moms went to junior high together.

MIRANDA: That's cute.

CHUCK: I gotta go.

MIRANDA: No you don't.


MIRANDA: Maybe somebody's looking at you too... (Beat.) Marne needs your help.

CHUCK: (Beat.) She said that?

MIRANDA: She has this problem. And I'm sure if somebody solved it...

(She runs a finger up his chest.)

Imagine Marne doing that.

CHUCK: Oh God.

MIRANDA: Do you still have to go?

CHUCK: (Barely audible:) No.

MIRANDA: Just solve this problem...for Marne. I'm sure she'd be grateful. Especially now that she broke up with what's his name.

CHUCK: I didn't know they broke up.

MIRANDA: She doesn't want it to distract people before the vigil. (Beat.) They're still friends. (Blowing in his ear or something similarly seductive:) Just friends.

CHUCK: What's the problem?

(Lights dim on them as she whispers into his ear.)