Sophie and Aaron

from Clay by Carol S. Lashof

Genre: Dramedy
Cast Breakdown: 1 female, 1 male

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High school Junior Aaron and sophomore Sophie have seen each other around, but this is their first real meeting.

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SOPHIE: Are you stalking me?

AARON: Huh?  No!

SOPHIE: Then what are you doing here all the time?  Every morning.

AARON: Not last week.  I wasn't here last week.

SOPHIE: Whatever.

AARON: It's just a quiet place to sit.  My dad drops me off early on his way to work.

SOPHIE: I see you in the afternoons sometimes too.

(Aaron scrambles to his feet, dropping his notebook.  Sophie picks it up and looks at the picture.)

Is this your dad?

AARON: Yeah.

SOPHIE: Is that steam coming out of his ears?

AARON: Yeah.

SOPHIE: What's he so mad about?

AARON: Me getting suspended for a week.

SOPHIE: For what?

AARON: Trespassing.

SOPHIE: Trespassing? (Pause:) Hey, I know who you are.  You're the guy who broke into the art room with Zeta!  Aaron, right?

AARON: Yeah.  That's me.

SOPHIE: What a pair of idiots!  You're lucky you didn't get charged with a felony.

AARON: Yeah.  Lucky.  I'm grounded for the rest of my life though.

SOPHIE: You could've been expelled.

(Sophie turns to go.  Aaron speaks quickly.)

AARON: You're Sophie, right?  You're in AP Bio with Zeta?

SOPHIE: Yeah.  That's me.

AARON: And you're the best violinist in the orchestra, right?  First violin or first chair or something?  Zeta said—­

SOPHIE: (Cutting him off:) No, not anymore.  Not after the concert last week.  I got moved.  Demoted.

AARON: Oh.  Sorry.

SOPHIE: I need to practice more.  Manage my time better.  Or something.

AARON: Oh.  Sorry.  I mean, you sound really great to me.

SOPHIE: Whatever.

(Sophie starts to walk away down the hall.  After a moment, Aaron follows.)

AARON: Hey, wait.

(She stops and rounds on him angrily.)

SOPHIE: Wow.  You really are stupid!  You wanna add sexual harassment to your list of crimes and misdemeanors?


SOPHIE: Then quit following me!

AARON: You've got my notebook.

SOPHIE: Oh.  Sorry.

(Sophie waits for Aaron to catch up and hands back the notebook.)

I like that picture of your dad with whole clouds of steam coming out of his ears.  It's funny.

AARON: (Grinning:) Thanks.

(Sophie starts back down the hall.  Aaron puts his notebook away, hesitates.)

See you around?

SOPHIE: Maybe.  Let me know when you get ready to stage your next prison break.  (Pause.) Only you guys broke in, didn't you? And you really weren't planning to steal stuff?  You just wanted to play with the clay?

AARON: Yeah.  Weird, huh?

SOPHIE: Yeah.  Kinda cool.  But weird.  Definitely weird.  (Pause.) Was it fun?

AARON: Yeah.

SOPHIE: Not worth getting written up for trespassing though, was it?

AARON: Oh, yeah.  It was worth it.

(The bell RINGS.)

SOPHIE: Hey, I gotta go.  See you around.

 AARON: See you around!