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Want to submit your script? We accept two types of submissions: general submissions that fit our mission, and starting back up in January 2018, submissions from young playwrights (19 and under) for our New Voices contest (scroll all the way down!). Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting.

General Submissions

We welcome submissions of challenging, entertaining plays and musicals that are appropriate for teen and younger actors and/or audiences. While we accept unproduced scripts, we prefer works that have had the opportunity to be refined through the production process. We only represent material for which we can be the exclusive licensing agent. Please browse our website to learn more about us before submitting.


Current YouthPLAYS Authors Only

Please log into the website prior to submitting here. You may submit multiple scripts, one at a time.


New Authors

Please don't submit additional scripts until we've had an opportunity to consider your original submission, and please do not click the Submit Play button more than once.

We do not accept submissions from playwrights of high school age or younger except through the New Voices competition (see below).


All Authors

Please use the submission form below, filling out all required fields to the best of your ability. Do not write the title in ALL CAPS or in quotes, unless that's truly how it's written.

Should your play have any encumbrances (e.g. some part of it is published in an non-exclusive anthology), please let us know in the "Author's Note to the Publisher" section.

Please make sure that your script has complete contact information (full name, mailing address, phone number, email address) on the title page, as well as a Cast of Characters page with a full cast breakdown. Please make sure the body of your script contains page numbers.

PDF files are strongly preferred, though we accept Word (.doc or .docx) or Final Draft files.

Please only submit musicals for which you have a completed, digitized (i.e. PDF) score (with orchestrations, if applicable). Musicals for which musical tracks (i.e. MP3 files)
 are available are strongly preferred.

We prefer complete submissions to query emails.

Types of Material

  • Scripts with at least some age-appropriate roles for young actors (teen or younger characters), even if those roles are likely to be played by adult professional actors, though we also consider scripts with strongly youth-friendly content and that have a youthful spirit (for example, an accessible and educationally valuable example of a particular genre), even if there are no discernibly young characters.
  • One-act or full-length plays and musicals for schools and youth theatres. We particularly need one-act (and full-length) comedies for high school and middle school performers with large or flexible casts and lots of female roles, as well as mysteries and/or murder mysteries for that age group. That doesn't mean we don't want great serious scripts too! We love scripts that entertain and have some bite too. One-acts that run 30-35 minutes and are suitable for competition are highly encouraged.
  • Playwrights of color, and plays that reflect diverse characters and cultures. We particularly seek plays that speak to urban teens and youth, plays that deal with the concerns and interests of the Latina/o and African-American communities, and bilingual plays (particularly English/Spanish)--written by playwrights of color. But we are interested in diversity of all kinds!
  • One-act or full-length plays and musicals in which adult actors or mixed-age casts perform for young audiences (TYA). It is important that the protagonist and preferably other important roles be young characters, even if they are played by older actors.
  • Short monologues (6-8 minutes) and plays for 2 or more actors (8-10 minutes) with teen or younger characters, particularly comedies.
  • Adaptations and parodies of well-known titles (please check our site to make sure we don't already have your chosen title). In the case of adaptations, please be sure you have all the appropriate permissions (i.e. a written agreement with the underlying rights holder, if the material is not in the public domain) in place before contacting us. 

Other Important Details

Response time is typically 3-6 months, but may take up to 9-12 months. Rest assured that you will receive a response, so we ask that you only follow up if you have another publication offer to report.

If at any point after you have submitted a script your material becomes unavailable (e.g. because you accept another publication offer), please notify us immediately, so that we can devote our resources to material that is still available to us. If you receive another offer, we are happy to expedite consideration of your play so that you may potentially consider both offers.

The New Voices One-Act Competition for Young Playwrights

The next deadline is May 1, 2018. Remember, the winner gets publication, a cash prize, and copies of Final Draft and Great Dialogue software!

Look for guidelines to be posted in early 2018, but for now, feel free to check out the 2017 information below to get an idea of the requirements.

Click here for full submission guidelines.
Click here for a handy-dandy one-sheet, ideal for posting on bulletin boards.
Click here for our recommended playwriting format.

Want to read some of the plays that have been successful in past contests? Check out our
New Voices anthology! This could be you!

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