Kim Arthur and the Nerds of the Round Table

by Daniel Guyton

About the Play

Comedy. 35-45 minutes. 6-10 females, 3-7 males (10-13+ performers possible). Suitable for elementary school and middle school.

Premiered and commissioned at The Alliance Theatre (Atlanta, GA). Top 10 Finalist in the Moonlit Wings Playwriting Competition, 2016.


When the mysterious "Motherboard in the Stone" appears at Kim Arthur's favorite arcade emporium, she and her magical friend Marlene decide to check it out. Soon Kim realizes that only she has the power to remove the Motherboard from the Stone, thus becoming queen of Game-A-Lot. But uneasy is the head that wears the crown, and it's up to Kim to save the arcade from closing—by creating the greatest video game of all time. She knows she can't do it alone: she'll need the help of all of her fellow nerds. And so begins the legend of Kim Arthur and the Nerds of the Round Table.

"Thank you for writing such a fun and funny script!" -The Cast, Crew, and Families of the Junior Players, 2015

"I've just read your play and love it... That is just what we are looking for. The title is perfect, too." -Steven W Rogers, Infinity Stage, 2016

"Kim Arthur and the Nerds of the Round Table is great!!! I'm planning on doing it this fall at Cornerstone School." -Mary Claire Klooster, Cornerstone School, 2016

"It was absolutely delightful! Jordanne and I were so impressed with the acting, the professional-ism, timing/humor, and the story. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! Thoroughly entertaining! -Kelly and Jordanne, audience members, 2016

"The play was funny and clever and well put together." -Anonymous audience member, Cornerstone School, 2016

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