Musical (Mis)Adventures of Goopy and Bagha

by Daniel A. Kelin, II

About the Play

Comedy. 60-70 minutes. 3-5 females, 4-6 males, 3-25+ any (10-45 performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older performers and elementary school and older audiences.

Premiered at Isha Home School, Coimbatore, India. Winner, East Valley Children's Theatre Playwriting Award.


Goopy and Bagha love to sing and drum, respectively, but the two young men have a marked absence of talent for either. When their villages banish them and their paths cross in a forest, together they set off to find someone, anyone, who will love their musicianship. Their comic misadventures lead them to impress a ghost king, and the grateful dead ruler grants them three boons: instant food, instant travel and musical talent that can spellbind audiences. Ready to awe the world, the musical duo wish themselves right into the middle of hostilities between the kingdoms of Shundi and Halla. Oops! Can Goopy and Bagha avert the war, win over a pair of princesses and live musically ever after?

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